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Founder's Statement

As an artist, I hope to make images that help people explore their interior worlds. If someone recognizes something meaningful about themselves in my work or if a painting allows the viewer access to emotions previously not conscious, I feel my work has succeeded. In these times, art is of the utmost importance. Some of it will heal, some will provide hope, some will convey anger and some a political message. Art is one way of creating touchstones to the emotions that keep us human and our collective humanity alive.

theARTproject was launched to give work created in response to terrorism and the events of 9/11 an audience. It functions as a dialogue for those who react primarily with images as opposed to words. The site is divided into two sections: the exhibition and the discussions.

The exhibition consists of pages of thumbnails, from which you can view a larger version of each image with information of the artist's choosing.

The discussions give participating artists an opportunity to continue to submit work or to respond to another piece on the site; an on-line forum using images instead of words.

The site includes work created both before and after 9/11, the criteria for submission is simply that the artist feels the work represents their response to these events.

An alphabetical listing of contributing artists can be found in the links section of the site.

Please pass this site on to anyone you think might be interested.

Nina Meledandri

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