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discussion IV: 2 years later
honoring  the second anniversary

While theARTproject remains closed for submissions,   discussion IV   is being hosted by Fotolog: a wonderful community of photographers and other visual people.

To contribute to discussion IV,  you will need to join Fotolog.*

  1. Fotolog is free: signing up gives you your own log where you can post one image/day. 

  2. As a member of Fotolog you may also contribute as many images as you like to theARTproject: discussion IV.
  3. Even though the site is called "Fotolog" any type of image is welcome (as long as it is created by you and is not obscene), you can upload drawings, scans, etc as well as photographs.

*please note: this is a community dedicated to showcasing work, there is no spam, promotional lunacy, etc. associated with joining.


   To contribute to discussion IV, follow the steps below:


Go to


Click on "Create your own free Fotolog"


 Follow the directions, when the process is complete, you will be sent an email that you must reply to in order to establish your fotolog.


Once you are a member you can add images to your own page (through the "Upload" link) and customize your page (through the "My Account" link)


To contribute to discussion IV go to and click on "Upload a photo to this group", your image will be automatically added to  discussion IV, I will add you to the friends/favorites list on the right.

Many of you in the past had asked how you could help theARTproject.  Aas you know, theARTproject is a place where images are used as the primary means of communicating, I believe very strongly in the power of pictures (whatever the medium) and in my opinion Fotolog provides an excellent forum for communicating through visuals, I urge anyone who joins, to upgrade their membership to "gold member" and help support this community and theARTproject's use of it.

Being a gold member gives you the ability to upload 6 images/day to your own personal fotolog, it costs $5/month (you can contribute on a month to month basis) .  I know of two other ARTproject contributors who are already Fotolog members: Ian Summers  (iansummers on Fotolog) & David Curry (dcurry on Fotolog)

Fotolog, like theARTproject, is a labor of love.  It was conceived and is maintained by 3 guys (no banners or advertising are used to support it) , their generosity, commitment and contribution to the visual community warrents support.

For those of you familiar with discussion II: an on-line forum,  I have used my personal fotolog to continue this idea, please check it out and join in.

I look forward to seeing you on Fotolog and to your contributions to discussion IV .

Nina Meledandri
founder, theARTproject