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                                           7:00 PM,  3/11/02


Six months later, as the recovery process continues, each of us might be at a different stage.  Wherever you are, theARTproject exists to provide an opportunity for reflection and for a shared sense of community.  The site offers a wide range of responses from artists across this country and around the world; what they have in common is that each submission is an attempt by another human being to share something meaningful about this tragedy with you.

Moving forward requires looking back.  When theARTproject began, it was with the belief that the losses suffered last September would not be in vain if we could manage to explore the roots from whence the destruction came, and learn, in hopes of insuring that it can not happen again.  To do this requires not forgetting, but no one could stay sane and live directly with the enormity of the impact we experienced on that day.  Art can help us remember; with its ability to abstract, it can touch a place in us that allows complicated and powerful emotions to come to the surface in a manageable and meaningful way.  And images, without the boundaries imposed by language have the ability to reach out across the lines that often divide us.

theARTproject remembers all who perished on that day, offers comfort to those who lost loved ones, honors our heroes who gave of themselves to help others and reaches out to everyone effected by the devastation, both in this country and throughout the world.