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Press Release January 2002

Artists Respond to Terrorism
a virtual exhibition:

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many questions have been raised concerning the role of art in these times.  Responses have run the gamut from: there being a need for the "healing nature" of art to the concept that: the distance of time is necessary to create anything of consequence.  You are invited to experience theARTproject and form your own conclusions.

theARTproject speaks through images not words. It was launched on 9/26/01 by Nina Meledandri, a painter living and working ½ mile from the site.  Sharing the overwhelming desire experienced by millions to be part of the recovery effort and inspired by the outpouring of written reactions posted on the web, Meledandri created a forum for visual artists to share their personal responses to the tragedy.  To date, over 125 artists have contributed work to theARTproject; work that ranges from traditional media (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture) to web art, video and communal projects.

theARTproject is divided into three sections: the exhibition, discussions I: an ongoing journal and discussion II: an on-line forum

the exhibition consists of thumbnails (linked to larger images) of work contributed, posted chronologically as they are received.  This format offers the possibility of discovering whether or not there is a general shift in the nature of the response over time.  One can also browse the site through an alphabetical listing of participating artists who have the option to include on their page, a personal statement and/or links to other sites. 

    discussion I: an ongoing journal  allows participating artists to continue to contribute work, created in response to 9/11, to theARTproject.  This section is organized alphabetically so that images can be seen in context of each artist's vision

discussion II: an on-line forum  is itself a web based project.  Borrowing from the tradition of mail art, it duplicates the concept of an on-line discussion, with "threads" created through images instead of words.  Artists submit an image in response to one exhibited on theARTproject and the work is posted with the referenced image, eventually creating an image web that will extend  beyond the theARTproject itself.

We hope you will visit theARTproject and will keep it in mind for any upcoming projects addressing the role of art in the aftermath of 9/11. 

Some comments received by theARTproject:

(theArtProject has) provided a wonderful way for artists to share their feelings about something that makes very little sense to any of us.

(I view theArtProject) as a means of healing and re-directing otherwise negative feelings for many people out there who share a love for art and feel compelled to say something important at this juncture in our history.

The site looks amazing and I keep returning to witness the work, energy, and emotion of the participating artists.

this web site is an exciting experience ... to see so much good work with so much feeling is very reassuring to me personally. (theArtProject) has provided me with a dialog and feeling which is otherwise unavailable  .... thank you very much

thank you for having this web site for people like me who want to express their grief in some way&ldots; it is truly needed!

(theARTproject is) doing humanity a great service and I appreciate that. I visit the site often to appreciate the art made by such caring, creative, and thoughtful individuals.


For further information, contact Nina Meledandri: 212-431-1663/


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