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"The Art Project"
Displays 9/11-Themed
Works Online

MARCH 19TH, 2002

Artwork created in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks has been put on display throughout the city. But now a new exhibit is allowing artists to showcase their work in a different light. NY1's John Schiumo has the story.

For the past six months, people all over the world having been using paint brushes, canvases and camera's to express their take on the World Trade Center attacks.

Dozens of exhibitions have showcased the events of 9/11, and now, as the recovery process continues, an online exhibition invites artists to post their work on its website and welcomes anyone to log on to take a look.

“People might just recognize something that touches them deeply and allows them to probably feel that they're not so alone in the world. It’s just another way to open the canals of commucation to the so many that want to,” says Nina Meledandri, the founder of the exhibit.

Shortly after the attacks, Meledandri created "The Art Project." The virtual exhibition allows artists to keep an ongoing journal of their submissions, and encourages communication through images rather than words.

Meledandri says "The Art Project" helps artists reflect on their emotions while sharing with others at the same time.

“I didn't know how to organize what I was feeling until I painted it, and it put it in a place that I could somewhat deal with it, if you can at all,” says painter Lizbeth Mitty.

Fellow artist Lisa Bateman adds, “I think it's a crucial and wonderful way for people to respond to this catastrophic event - locally, nationally and internationally - in a way that's not just about reading a paper or reading something to yourself silently. It's a way for people to respond gutterally to their emotions.”

Since it originated in September, "The Art Project" has grown from 12 to 175 contributing artists from all over the world.

Artists say the virtual exhibition exemplifies the solidarity that's developed since the attacks.

According to artist David Abbott, “When the events happened on 9/11, many New Yorkers came together and helped each other and took very good care of each other, and I want people to get that sense of caring and sharing when they look at the work.”

- John Schiumo

For more information on "The Art Project," you can log onto