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Mel Vera Cruz, Blinded we stand
polymer transfer, serigraph, acrylic, spray paint on canvas
70" x 110", 2001

You fear because of guilt. I know in your mind that you have nothing to be responsible of but it shows. I can see it in CNN, in hollywood in all the networks and the flags on your cars. It shows your fear. Your fear of knowing. Your fear of being responsible.

But there's nothing to be afraid of really. What happened was your baptism of fire. Fire is death. Fire is the negative. Fire is the non-white. It is darkness. But fire also creates light. It pushes you to be better. The reason for this baptism is to take out your ignorance. You should be happy not defensive. Happy because you're not ignorant anymore. Happy because you acquired the knowledge. If you resist this baptism of fire, which I think you all do, you will remain the same.

You resist because you want to remain ignorant. Ignorant so that you can still live the way you do. It is you also who said that ignorance is bliss. So it is unnecessary to think of a solution. Your unity will be futile because it just shows your swastikas all over the place. It revealed your true selves. Now that's scary. This means you're ready to eliminate everything that crosses your path just because of your ignorance. You're like zombies. Walking without feelings, without intellect. You're striking

This is surreal in your mind because of ignorance. Let's just wait for the next baptism of fire which for sure will be more painful.

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