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Charles Burwell, Omen
acrylic on canvas
5' x 7', 09/2000

This painting was begun in spring 2000 and never completed; the last work done on it was in September 2000. It was a week or more after the WTC Attack when the symbolism of the painting struck me and I began to analyze its possible significance.

It was to have been an image of calamity of some sort, but I didn't have a clear idea of where to take it.  It was started during an online 'live artist show' that originated here at Anart Studio in March 2000. I deleted some of the original elements (documented by a webcam photo) painted that night: large angular beams that dominated the sky and a pyramid that hovered above their intersection; these elements were painted over in September, when I continued to paint. Added then were the two large columns with the monster atop the one, doing something dreadful, the bay, falling panes of glass, and the ghostly gray figures passing across the lower foreground in front of the buildings.  

I pretend no psychic abilities or gift of prophesy. Art is my gift, and this is my only artistic experience that appears to portend an actual event. Although I had generalized emotions and concerns about our safety as a nation and was thinking of something ominous (thus, the rat/monster image), it bothered me to paint a scene so destructive and menacing. I decided to pursue it no further and hung the unfinished work, an unnamed oddity, in the porte cocher outside my studio.

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