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week 37
9/ 9 - 9/15/01

9/10 - started with design of new quilt
9/11 - day of terrorism, World Trade Center hit&ldots;


week 40
9/30  - 10/6/01

- driving on MassPike, flags flapping from cars driving by
- state police sitting guard by all bridgesover rivers "just in case"

week 43
10/21 - 10/27/01

- leaves are falling here 
- bombs and food packages are falling in Afghanistan

week 44
10/28 October - 11/3 /01

-ooops, a Red Cross building and civilian homes accidently bombed in Afghanistan

week 45
11/ 4 - 11/10/01

-mushroom clouds from bombing Afghanistan
-printing with mushrooms
-fabric with mushrooms on it

week 52
12/ 23 - 12/29/01

-a man tried to use his sneakers to blow up a plane. Who would have guessed this?
-crunching numbers and doing end of the year bookkeeping


Jeanne Williamson
all panels 4" x 6"


2001 Weekly Quilts Artist Statement 

I am making one quilt each week in 2001. The rules are: 
-They will be 4" wide by 6" tall 
-Each quilt can be made any time during the week, from Sunday through Saturday. 
-The purpose of this project was to play and experiment. 
-They will be whole cloth quilts . 
-The backgound cloth will always be white cotton. 
-As I work each week, I can not throw out the orginal piece and start over with a new one. 
-There are no limits on what techniques I can use. 
-The edges of each quilt will be finished with a single black line and a zigzag stitch.
 -Each quilt will be dated and numbered on the back, with notes about what is happening that week or what is influencing me.

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