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The Utopia Of Hugging For Twenty Minutes

World Hug Day (September 10)
Do you agree that we should set up a Hug Day? 
On that day, you can hug everyone you like, everyone you don’t like or just those who need a hug; and in turn they will hug you.
On Hug day, all people will be brothers and sisters, pure and simple; 
On Hug day, even Palestinians will hug Israelis, and Israelis will hug Palestinians; On Hug day, there won’t be any crime or shame as all people will be busy hugging each other all over the world;
On Hug day......
Can we organize Hug Day into World Hug Day?
Our performance, "The Utopia Of Hugging For Twenty Minutes"(September 10,2000) has become an interactive international campaign via the internet.We've got enormous feedback and support. We believe that hug stands for an ideal,a sense of freedom as well as a commitment,the aspiration for hug dwells and grows inside all of us.We are gathering people's ideas and opinions about how best to set up a World Hug Day through the Web.All comments are welcome. Every time a new person knows about Hug Day,the idea grows, ebbing ever closer to becoming a powerful physical and mental holiday.

We are going global with this performance art event, hoping that artist and all huggers from the U.K., U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Israel, South Africa, both Koreas, and all the countries in the world will join in. Hugging is as universal as art.Volunteers will create a utopia by hugging for a few of minutes (hugging individuals first, and then clustering into group hugs) in political squares, country borderlines, sites of war and other important places that need hugs the most. We would like to be messengers of peace, and facilitators of good will at the beginning of this new century.

Please send ideas on how best to promote Hug Day. Your opinions will be put in our book entitled "Hug Day."
Please forward this email to your friends. 
Go hug someone today for practice!
Gao Brothers

The world needs hugs even more after the tragedy happened on September 11,2001.

Dear friends,
Our performance,"The Utopia Of Hugging For Twenty Minutes"(September 10,2000),has become an interactive international campaign to promote World Hug Day via the Internet.We are curious to see how many people agree that we should set up World Hug Day and where in the world our mail of World Hug Day will travel via the Internet.We would like your help.If you receive this mail,we ask that you:
(1)Email us back at and tell us your opinion about World Hug Day and your location so we can plot it on our map.
(2)Forward this mail to everyone you know so that they can send it on to everyone they know (and so on) to let the HUG reach even more people.
We don't mind receiving repeats, so send it on to everyone.We're tracking the number of responses we receive as well, and will be making a graph using the numbers receive by city,state,province and country.
We hope the HUG will not stop until finally World Hug Day has really been set up in the world.Many thanks for your help.
Best regards,
Gao Brother

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