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Arlene Elizabeth, The Healing Project

The Healing Project
The Healing Project is an interactive installation consisting of two 8' towers representing our pre and post September 11th memories of the World Trade Center. Participants, including anyone viewing the sculpture, are invited to contribute origami cranes and swans which will be suspended from a clear platform resting atop the towers. The piece is complete when the towers have been completely draped in these birds of hope, healing, and strength. The birds will then be given to NYC as a symbol of solidarity and sympathy.

The Healing Project will be installed at the Oakland Museum beginning October 19th to coincide with their Day of the Dead exhibit. Origami paper and instructors will be provided on October 21st to encourage public participation.

The core collection of 6,000 origami birds will be at Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NYC, the day before and the day after Thanksgiving 2001, along with origami instructors and paper.


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