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Alexandra Charletta, Why did they Bomb our World?
acrylic on canvas
12" x 12", November 2001

When Alexandra first began this painting, I asked her how she felt about creating a picture about the World Trade Center bombing. She said simply, "it makes me sad".  Brown paint with white overlayed is the WTC building. As she painted, Alexandra explained, "This  is the building where everyone died" (the area, rising above the white cloud form). Working with red paint she said, "this is the fire". Then she painted the sun. After brushing paint on her own hands, one violet, the other one yellow-green, Alexandra placed her paint covered hands directly on the painting, making sure to overlap the fingertips. "And these are the hands of love", she said. Painting her hand one more time, she told me, "this one I am putting right on the sun". Love and hope is the message.

Helaine Rainier, grandmother of Alexandra (a 5 year old artist)

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