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Heidi M. Marston, color phots

I was sitting in class on Tuesday, it was about 10:30 a.m. and all I could think about was getting a cup of coffee.  When I went to get that coffee, that was so important at the time, I saw the crowd in the atrium watching the news.
In the weeks following I began this body of work. I worked on the drawings form what I had seen in magazines. I photographed myself with them in an attempt to feel connected to the tragedy. The feelings of sadness over the events could not be contained. It felt heavy on my mind while going on with my life, as it was. Things have changed for everyone even in the smallest amount, and this body of work will live with me and remind me that I am affected by what happens to others. Though there is only one figure in each image, that figure reaches out to experience the whole of what happened, and does not remain untouched.

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