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Unknown to them
their last cup they drank
as they followed their dreams
and were true to life

Walking swiftly,
never stopping to look
they lifted their voices
to the god of gold.

How does it matter now?
all is a blur
tears fill the cups,
the gold burnt away.

Horror awakened us
on that stark, sad day (9/11/01)
still blood flows from our wounds
as we search and pray.

Awakening our hearts,
to neighbors and foes
Twins born together,
died as one.

Never we'll sleep
the same again
as they poisoned the Apple
and ripped open our soul.

The blue and the white
the red of spilled blood
will keep us awake
when the world cries no more.

Benevolent Hearts

To the call they fled
unselfish and true
their benevolent hearts
undaunted, yet weeping.

Clamoring endlessly
for more than a miracle
fear overwhelmed them
still they fought.

Born to be heroes
Born to be saviors
struck down in the name 
of an unmerciful demon. 

While raining fire and dust
Their bodies were slaved
by the billowing smoke
and the smell of death.

Angels of mercy
Rescuers of all
Yearning to reach
the fallen twin's souls.

With Old Glory's passion
feeding their spirit
honor and loyalty
radiates from their blood.  

The people say Thank You
with much gratitude
the lost smile from Heaven
heroes of the Red,White and Blue.

Antonio Puri
oil on canvas
48" X 48", 2001

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