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Jeri Riggs, Day of Darknes
fused, machine embroidered, painted and inked, machine quilted
36" x 36", October 2001

On a beautiful blue day in September, the world was plunged into darkness by acts of terrorism. Worries about my dear husband, who came out of the subway a block away from the World Trade Center and looked up to see clouds of smoke and fire in the sky and a whirling twinkling mass of paper falling around him, mixed with horrific images on my TV at home. My disbelieving grief and fear evolved into prayers for peace and amazement at the outpouring of strength, compassion and healing shown by so many people near and far. Making this quilt provided me with a way of actualizing my wish for love to conquer hatred. The skyline is broken but the eagle rises from the smoke and ruins into a cloud of hearts as goodness overshadows evil. Candles illuminate the darkness and remind us that our flickering spirits burn despite some being extinguished. May Peace Prevail.

Exhibited in the America: From the Heart exhibit International Quilt Festival  Festival Houston, Texas, Oct. 2001
Will appear with the approximately 250 quilts made directly in response to the attacks, in a book "America: From the Heart"by Karey Bresenhan, from C&T Publishing due out in May 2002.

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