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Tamra Walker, Feelings-a Self-Portrait
digital photograph
Oct. 9th, 2001

This photo represents the myriad of deep emotions I have been feeling
since the moment I saw the smokey towers while en route to Manhattan on 9/11. As a Child Life fellow at Saint Vincent's Hospital-Manhattan, I spent the following three days/nights in the hospital, answering phone lines for the victims' families looking for their loved ones. During many emotional breaks from this task, I counseled firefighters and other rescue workers who had just returned to the hospital from the disaster area to calm down. These were the most difficult and heartwrenching days of my life, and I often lapse back to them in my mind. Life does go on, thank G-d, but I still cry easily and often, remembering the pain behind all the voices of these desperate distraught, and broken individuals.

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