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Eileen Doughty, Hawks and Doves
cottons, cotton batting, machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted; thread painted, approx. 12" x 12"
September 2001

This is my reaction to the terrible events of September 11.  The piecing was done a few days after the tragedies, while watching or listening to the news.

An explanation of some of the symbolism in this piece:  all four airplanes are represented by hawklike birds.  There is an outline of a bird, in red rayon thread, over the smoke on the right-hand tower.  The shadowy bird to the right of this tower represents the airliner that attacked the Pentagon.  The falling hawk is the one that was crashed in Pennsylvania.

There are five white falling doves; five for the Pentagon.  The other doves are flying off to the heavens--there is hope after tragedy.  And my hope that the people who died in those buildings are at peace.

Working through this piece was cathartic and helped me regain some equilibrium in my own life.  I generally work in very representational landscapes, but found comfort in using art to express my thoughts and emotions about that terrible day.

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