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Nina Meledandri, moon, NYC
water color and gouache on paper
4" x 6", 2001

I am primarily an abstract painter and don't normally think of my work requiring any words, but . . . Since the 11th, the most awful sight for me has been the cloud of white smoke hanging over the buildings at the end of my street. For the most part the weather for the past 12 days has been crystal clear and this incongruous white cloud rising from the site against the blue, blue sky, has been an inescapable reminder of the horror of 9/11. Last night, riding home on my bike, it was still there and tears came to my eyes, but when I turned down my block and looked up, a sliver of the new crescent moon was appearing from behind the smoke. For the first time since, I felt a tiny rush of joy, I felt the possibility of something bright and new in our future.



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