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Mark H. Campbell, Bush in (motor) Oil
grease and motor oil with pigment on panel

Although I do consider myself a figurative and occasionally a narrative painter, I seem to typically stray from being blatantly political. The events that led to 9/11 and the resulting national determination to continue to allow oil to not only eat away at our environment but also our relative security had me conceive of this work.

 It is unfathomable that Big Oil has so obviously and insidiously saturated our body politic that we have allowed one of it's most favored sons to attain the highest office of our land. We stand no chance of reversing our nation's unfortunate reliance upon oil and our necessarily violent involvement in the Middle East without acknowledging that our present government is run by and born of this planet's black kryptonite.

A great national and world leader would recognize our dangerous myopia toward energy and rally our creative nation to find ways to substitute something more benign for the blood of our filthy machines. A great leader might make every effort to avoid the disaster that science has anticipated as a result of our frenetic tapping and burning. A great leader would not tolerate the ruination of his or her child's earthbound future.

We need the spirit of Camelot, a renaissance of national idealism, an ability to recognize and activate our potential to kick our slick, dark and dirty habit!

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