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Andrea C. Uva, Intersection of Liberty, West & Church, NYC
concrete & wood

This 3D piece is made of concrete and wood.
It measures 36" high, and 36" wide.  The concrete is poured into a block that is supported on wooden legs.  I have submitted a collage of photos of the object.

It is a scale model of the city block that the Twin Towers occupied.  Vesey, Liberty, Church and West are the intersecting roads. This piece was a way for me to visualize the sense of loss that I feel by emphasizing what is no longer there. Concrete, the same material that was used to make the Twin Towers, seems barren, and the two holes in the piece echo with loss.  It was important to make the object something to look down through.  It is just high enough so that it is not apparent to the viewer that the cut-outs are, in fact, hollow, but once the viewer gets up close she can see the emptiness that is the piece.

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