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Neal Borowsky a.k.a. Steel Neal, The Future Primitive
Steel: (click for scrap-ography )
3x life size (approx. 9' tall), 1995 - 98

This sculpture was built more out of desperation, than inspiration. In fact, "The Agony of Man" was created to hopefully avoid such an event as 9/11.

In the show (storytelling welding ritual) "The Future Primitive" I have built this sculpture (in the spirit of the character) as a monument to "all the pain and suffering that humanity has inflicted upon itself - for as long as we have been able to think". To The Future Primitive . . . That is our legacy.

Conceptually speaking: "The Future Primitive" has returned from his post nuclear world to "here and now" - or we've entered his world - and he warns of that very possible reality and reflects on the fragility and frailty of our human condition.

Hindsight is 20/20 and "The Future Primitive" has made a quantum leap in understanding. What he now knows, is something we all must learn. Wake up and Help Save the World!

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