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Tea Popovic, A Farewell To Arms
oil on canvas
120 cm x 40 cm

Subject :Content of my work-  my poetics (how , what , why&ldots;)



An artist should be her/him self , but suitable to our time.Everything is like a supermarket , the whole history of art , and artist "sucks the blood of culture" , she or he uses all . Being comfortable in building a canvas is as similar as the aspiration toward pleasant feelings which are connected with a quality of life. Meanwhile it can be said that unpleasant feelings are very important because surviving is more profound concept than a quality of life .

My way of painting or my style consists of following. It is a relatively quick execution deprived of preliminary process of preparation . Spontaneous playing with colour . Colours and drawing are woven into the essence of a image as the most important elements of its structure . I'm interested in a narrative model , which I create as fragments and focus on a detail . Addiction to a detail and to a small fragments shows lacking of the final pretext . There are a lot  of miniaturization of the event presented on canvases . Also I combine various levels of culture . There is no plan , everything happens here and now , mostly it's a temporary or momentary decision , desire , passion , joyful play , pleasure . This acting strategy is followed by the uncertainty of the outcome . One thing for sure is that I'm dealing with figurative elements . Academic skills are in confrontation with a free expressionistic gesture(sometimes) . Neoexpressionism can be seen in my need to unify abstract and figural elements . Impudent and robust way of painting refer to post-modern thinking approving any combination . I think I did achieve synthesis with colours , drawing and pictorial elements .

One part from my poetics

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