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Jelena Popovic, Guardians of Hell
hand painted silk 
100 cm x 100 cm,

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

    - Japanese Proverb

My approach to new phases of artistic searching is with the eternal feeling of devotion.The painting on the textile , especially on the silk is "the life" for me.  I'm attracted by the themes and elements of the andeans civilization , civilization before Inka's appearence , a proper coded speech like alegories, methaphores and symbols , which are communicating with our contemporary world . Revealing- concealing of an ancient culture and putting it into urban context with the aim of linking the past and present and of course with the future.The union of the ritual and erotic powers supported by the luxurious imagination  breathes on the passoionately painted silk , material that I'm using for expressing my personal attitude . On such delicate material we have a union between precise drawing , clearly colours and a tale.Narrative model is woven into the subtle soul of silk and I hope it does not diminish the feelings you are experiencing while watching my art work , mostly motives about man and woman. There is an obvious enjoying in the act of painting in the colour,form and erotic symbols. I am talking and painting about love and altruism . Even though things have changed nowadays, my message is that love can heal everything 

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