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David Dalessandro, jazz composition
gouache on paper
21" x 30", 11/5/99

I grew up in Rochester, and moved to New York in 1973 to study at the New York Studio School of Drawing Painting & Sculpture. Shortly after that, I received an MFA from Queens College. The notable artists and historians I’ve studied with include Richard Stankiewitz, Robert Marx, Wendel Castle, Philip Guston, Paul Georges, Mercedes Matter, Louis Finkelstien, Gabriel Laderman, Leland Bell, George McNeil, Esteban Vicente, Robert Pincus Winton, and Lotte Brand Phillip.

Over the years I’ve had 3 solo shows in the Soho area of New York, and also exhibited in group shows around New York and at the Minato-Ku Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Most recently I was published in the inflight magazine for Alaska Airlines. In early July and November, I’ll be showing at 2 locations in New York; the Ansonia Windows and ArtAsap.

I paint and draw from my imagination. The subject of jazz is inspired by the muscians Miles Davis, and Dexter Gordon amoung others, and by my visits to the Village Vanguard in New York. I always begin my work with drawing. That is the key to finding the composition, forms and movement. The response against terrorism does not have to address directly the issues of violence or hatred. If terrorism is a basic negation of life itself, then for me to create a better life for myself each day, is in itself a response against terrorism. And to continue to be an artist amidst the everday struggles, is also a response.

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