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Gordo Stevens, Newborn Unity
acrylic and airbrush
3' x 5', November 2001

I was horrified, saddened, and angry by the events of September 11, 2001. Simple words cannot describe the thoughts running through my mind that day. In the days that followed I watched our country unite. Uniting in a way that touched my heart. I saw so many Americans giving of themselves both financially and physically. I knew that I could not give money but I could give my personal gift.

I decided to paint what I saw on September 11th. The clouds in the painting are a reminder of the concrete and ash we watched fill the streets of New York. As the clouds rise you can see that they become lighter and more hopeful. As we heal from these terrible events I hope that we become like those clouds, profoundly more hopeful and lighter in spirit. The men in the painting are symbols of the men in our country.  They have a force to unite them and they have put all differences aside. The woman in the painting is a symbol of strength and courage. She is a light and a support for all people. I have come to realize that men are responsible for a great deal of the unrest in our society. It is the women who love and nurture. Who better in this time of need than women to bring us through. The dove is the collective symbol of the Holy Spirit, peace, and love. The dove is in the center of the world because as humans we need to focus on inner peace, love, and spirituality. Jesus holds in his hands the hope of a new world and a new sense of peace for America and all people.

My desire is not for you to see what I see in the painting but to look for yourself. I hope that this painting will help to heal some of the wounds. I am donating all money received to charity. I would like to give the gift God gave me to those in need. I wish for peace to fill your soul and love to guide your steps.

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