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Matthew Cervenka, Carole La Plante
collage, 38" x 42", April 2002

A memorial piece dedicated to Carole La Plante  & to other New Yorkers who perished on 9-11.It's a collage consisting of my original art & patriotic symbols  as well as a pic of Carole & a fragment of her poetry.

My work expands, enlarges, distorts and abstracts the physical and emotional world as I experience it. It is representative of the geometric, abstract and bold color expressions of the subject matter (New York, Native American themes and scenes of cities and towns). Recent travel experiences in Mexico, the Southwest and the Iberian Peninsula have broadened the scope of my work to include new horizons and exciting subject matters. As a native New Yorker I have integrated the social and spatial complexities, as I perceive them.

With the passage of time, I have developed and matured my technique and thematic approach into a unique and recognizable individual style. The bold sense of color illustrates the way I deal with the profoundly felt emotional impact of the thematic material. The color and composition in the city themes projects the vibrancy of city living while the black and white pieces evoke the power, stress and emotions of city life. The strong sense and use of color in my work has become more powerful and vibrant since my experiences in the Southwest and Mexico. The Native American work with its boldness in color gives voice to the long needed recognition of that culture and its torment. In the interplay of figures, pottery and buildings, one sees movement, emotion and tension. The media I use are pencil, ink, gouache (transparent and opaque), acrylic on canvas and mixed media. Most of my work is on paper. The work is labor intensive and complex in its detail.

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