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Deborah G Hilton, Liberty's Home
watercolor on watercolor "Rough" board
18" x 24", 2/21/02

Full size limited edition prints available from the artist ($40)

The sunny front porch scene, with large windows, lacy curtains, rocking chair and flower box, could be anywhere in America.

The painting expresses the evidence of our solidarity and the spirit of America that began with July 4, 1776 and can not be crushed by any event.

The empty rocking chair symbolizes those whose lives were taken in the September 11 attacks on America. The flag represents America’s unity and the ghostly image in the window represents Lady Liberty, gazing raptly at the American flag&ldots;that wherever the flag is displayed is where Liberty lives and freedom held dearly.  America’s homes are Liberty’s homes. 

The artist dedicates the painting to all those who not only felt the need to take in and deal with the events of September 11, but more importantly to look beyond the grief and fear to see America’s courage, resilience and strength of character.

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