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Deidra Lynch
Where God was on 911: A tribute to the Survivors
granite, marble, slate, mirror and glass, 5'  x 6'

The piece was made with two mirrors representing the towers.  That way, no matter who looks at the piece, their reflection, their culture, sex, shape, religion, ideology, etc. is represented in the towers.  There is a yellow and red yin yang in the center of the explosion, the cross from a photo I saw of a church near there and the universal sign of peace in the top right panel.  Wall street is crumbling and Ms. Liberty has lost her crown in the bay. I received an email days after that affected the piece greatly.  It spoke of the thousands of people who were detained or delayed in getting to work that day as well as the many miracle stories of people turning the right way at the right time enabling them safe escapes.  The piece is dedicated to the survivors.

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