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Carol Dreyfus, Bird
16" x 12" x 10", 2001

I was in Washington 2 blocks from the White House on 9/11. I was so frightened and scared I might never see my children again. I got out of the city as soon as I heard about the Pentagon. So hard to imagine the mindset of the people who have hurt so many.

I just started sculpting a few months ago. My mom is a sculptress and I guess I have pretty much picked this up from her. These are all soapstone, which is a very soft stone and easy to work. I love it because it comes in such a wide variety of colors and when I finish a piece and sand it and polish it, wonderful surprises come out in the stone. Sculpting is tremendously therapeutic for me. After the attack on Tuesday I went out in my garage and started working frenetically. I felt a little better after an hour or two.


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