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Jehoiakim Has Jeremiah's Prophecies Burned

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Oratorio: " Jerusalem..."

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I am frequently asked about the 'hows'?, 'whys'?, and 'whens'? (Completed voice-over Nov. 6, 2001- Horizon Studios- West Haven, CT) of my building Oratorio: " Jerusalem...", to date which I have unsatisfactorily replied, or merely mumbled, ". as matters have matters have called.".

I sincerely apologize to those who felt the work 'too raw' in its initial presentation so soon after 9/11/01. I renew my plea, however, that we should not empower the graven image of terror to inform, or serve upon as filter, the searching of our souls--- The greatest reward we could give to any terrorist would be for us to mistake their depravity for the sincere lessons and admonitions from our own ethical and religious histories. To do so will lead us only into a shameless rush for spoils under the guise of the defending the honor of God (as if we could; or as if our services would ever be required in such a crusade).

While I have been personally gratified that Oratorio: " Jerusalem..." has since gained such widespread acceptance and utility in the growing peace movements both here and abroad; and while I remain very-highly-leery of a yet-avoidable-future of profound lament:  My thanks to Nina and to all of theARTproject for having made New York (and the world) a much, much safer place than it otherwise would have been, or be. She and all of you have proven the instant-nay-Sayers mistaken to the point of having been misguided: Not only can Art Respond to Terror, it may well yet prove to be the most needed, salient and progressive response as we move heartstrong towards the future.

Art must not, and will not, allow our world to go as silent as it did that dreadful day. What better response could there ever be?

A special First-press, limited edition running of Oratorio: " Jerusalem..." CD box set (currently only available on internet streaming-audio) will be made available with proceeds split between the NY Times 'Neediest Cases' fund and the Connecticut Starving Artist Fund. Order information can be obtained by e-mailing dahij from the streaming-audio website.

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