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Terrence Kelleman, memorial sketch

This is a sketch of an idea I  had for a Memorial to the WTC. 

 It seemed to me that amongst the latest proposals No one had given much thought to the idea of reflecting on our tragic losses from that day, except for preserving the foot prints of the buildings themselves. My proposal would incorporate the footprints and provide us with a place of reflection that could be accessible to the public at all times.

 The original ground level of the WTC would be the place for a beautiful public garden. At the location of each building there would be a four-sided waterfall in the dimensions of the original buildings. The water would decend over glass panels that would be supported from underground. The decending stairs would approach the edge of the falls and a look out point and provide the visitor with a view down into the reflecting ponds at the bottom of the falls.

 From underground visitors to a museum of the site could look up through the glass wall and the waterfalls to see the names of the victims from that building etched in the glass.

 It seemed to me that elements to healing and recovery were missing from the first proposals. In my design I have tried to accept the tragic events from that day while providing a place for people to visit to come to terms with the magnitude of those events, while also implying the trancendance from these acts in looking up to the names, past the falls and to the light.

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