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cd cover: Man On The Moon
photo: Amani Willett
designer: Heather Plansker

Man On The Moon 9/11 Presented As Gift To FDNY

 New York, NY – Two days after September 11, 2001, record producer Godfrey Diamond (known for his work with Lou Reed, Aerosmith, and Billy Squier) and singer/songwriter Sherman met at the studio to work on Sherman’s next album, but could not get their minds off the World Trade Center attack. Determined to press forward in some way, they began to compose a song that would both express their emotions about the attack, and would serve as their tribute to the Fire Department of New York. The resulting song, entitled Man On The Moon 9/11, is now ready for release. On September 7-8, 2002, Godfrey and Sherman– along with several friends and relatives – presented copies of the song to fire houses throughout New York City, as a gift of appreciation for all they have given us.

Man On The Moon 9/11 features the vocals and acoustic guitar of Sherman, guitar/bass by former Spin Doctors member Anthony Krizan, and drums by Sammy Merendino. “It was impossible to work on anything else that week," recalls Godfrey. “This song reflects the overpowering images we, as New Yorkers, were exposed to that day." As Sherman notes, “It’s really for them – the guys in the Fire Department. They’re the best, and it’s just our small way of saying ‘thank you’.”

For further information regarding Man On The Moon 9/11, the effort to deliver copies to FDNY, or Sherman’s forthcoming CD – or to request a copy of the song – please contact Godfrey Diamond at

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