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Francine Kohn, Opening to the Experience of Love
acrylic on canvas
48" x 60", 1999

My work magnifies the connection to the spark within. The paintings specifically deals with transforming life's experience (which I call "spiritual growth opportunities") by enhancing each person's connection to the Spirit within, which is the indefatigable source, that can shift our perspective to heal any and everything.

"Art can appear so insignificant when the world gets crazy. But the world has always been crazy, even if it hasn't been as horrifying. Art's been around a long time. It knows how to handle good times and bad. And it's never really been insignificant. Most art is superficial. However, the aesthetic experience (the term always rings tinny), the enigmatic interior place we go when we make or look at art, is still what it's always been: complex, rich, rewarding, meaningful, and moving. It is a place we will always return to. A place, presumably, we all come from. A place, moreover, that tells us things we didn't know we needed to know until we knew them."

Village Voice 09/25/01

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