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Eli Spear, untitled
linoleum block prints on paper
24" x 36", Oct. 2001

The first piece I made since the WTC attacks was a linoleum carving depicting the collapse of the World Trade Center. To create the 8 frames from intact to destroyed buildings I used a single block of linoleum. Working backwards pulling the towers out of the smoke only to have to destroy them for the last print.

The process of constructing and destroying the towers was for me a metaphor for the reconstructing of my sense of security and the acceptance of loss. The images are also direct reference to the mass media and real life images that will be forever burned into our memory. I appropriated one of the oldest forms of mass media, the wood carving, in order to place this event in a broader history of the world and to document as so many artists before have done with the events that have shaped their life.

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