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Silvianna Goldsmith
Union Square-Sept.15th: Reactions to flyers of the Missing
digitally altered photograph, 2001

After Sept.11th.
On Sept.11th, Like everyone, as it happened I was in shock. I watched the event on TV, then ran across the hall to my neighbor's terrace. I watched the second plane hit. I totally blanked out about taking pictures, as we watched the towers smoke, fall, and the trek of dust covered people walking from downtown. I spent the next day, Sept 12th at the memorial that Chico was painting on Ave A and 14th St. as we all gathered together, some who survived getting out down the stairs, still in shock, some who were already putting up flyers of "Missing," with their children in tow. On Saturday, the 15th, I spent the day at Union Square Park sharing the memorials with people, and their children. The park was crowded, people, lighting candles, putting up flyers, saying prayers, and crying, alone, together.

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